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FC Tauranga Moana (FCTM) operates programmes that align with NZ Football's development programme standards. We are the only club in the Bay of Plenty region that has an NZF accredited Skills Centre (SKC) and Talent Development Programme (TDP), offering our members a full football pathway.

Designed to cater to different phases of development for boys and girls aged between 9 - 17 years, players will be challenged appropriately with and against players of similar ability. This helps accelerate player development as players will be required to operate at a standard that involves a higher level of performance across all four corners of player development (technical, physical, psychological and social).

Our programmes are overseen by the highest qualified coaching team in the Bay of Plenty.

Navigating the NZ Football landscape can be confusing at first, so we've provided more details below.

What is Development vs Community Football?

NZ Football identifies football in 2 areas, Development & Community.

Development Football has international aligned standards that New Zealand Football accredited programmes must meet. For Junior and Youth football, these accreditations are Skills Centre (SKC) and Talent Development Programmes (TDP). Clubs have to meet high standards to obtain a club licence to operate these programmes. The accreditations are a fundamental part of the NZF Pathway and when obtained, they are an acknowledgement from NZF of a high level of trust that the club is making the right decisions for the development of junior and youth members. SKC & TDP requires highly qualified and experienced coaches to operate.

Community Football is what we commonly know football as, and all clubs operate. Starting at aged 4, the principal aim is to provide all participants high quality football and futsal experiences that increase passion for the game, teach fundamental movement and playing skills while placing a priority on having fun. Community Football is operated by volunteer staff teams are mostly coached by parents, who often continue their training to move into the Talent space.

Skills Centre (SKC) vs Talent Development Programme (TDP)

Both are an important part of NZF’s Pathway. Sessions are delivered by qualified coaches.

A SKC programme is the perfect way for U9 - U12 players to work on their individual development in a fun environment. Sessions focus on skill acquisition, using a long-term curriculum to develop individual technique and decision-making. This can be a supplement to a player's Community team training sessions or a great way to try football.

The TDP operates all year round for U13 - U17 players. It competes in nationwide leagues, including the WaiBOP Y-League (Federation), Girl's Y League(Kaimai division) and the NRFL Youth and Youth National Leagues. TDP teams also compete in premier tournaments across the country, such as the Taupo McCartney or Auckland U17 & Napier U19 National Tournaments. Qualified TDP coaches will identify appropriate challenges to support a players development, with opportunities to move across teams in the programme. This is an advantage of being part of a TDP accredited club.

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